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Top 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say…And Then I Had Boys

There’s never a dull moment in my life with all boys in the house. I catch myself saying things I NEVER thought I’d hear coming from my mouth, and never expected would be necessary to have to tell kids in general…and then I had boys! Now I found myself saying ridiculous things that are absolutely […]

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parenting myths

Parenting Myths

Becoming a parent is the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It is also the most tiring, frustrating, and messy thing I’ve ever been a part of as well. There are so many things I thought BEFORE becoming a parent that were quickly laughed at once a baby joined our family. Here are a […]

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public schools

Why I Love Public Schools

We love and respect all viewpoints at Austin Moms Blog. While earlier there was a post about why public education was not the right fit for her and her family, it is the right fit for many of our contributors. Here is another viewpoint on public schools. I’d like to think we all do what we […]

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let my kids fall

I Let My Kids Fall

Now, here me out. I’m not going to let them fall off a cliff or anything, but I do let my kids fall. A LOT. I know, by my own experiences, that the best lessons are after a fall (the literal and figurative kind). I’m a mom of all boys. Three rambunctious boys. (Is there […]

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raising gentlemen

Raising Gentlemen

As a mom of all boys, I feel the weight of the challenge of raising gentlemen. It is my job is to shape these little boys into future husbands and fathers. Teaching manners is probably the most repetitive task we have as parents. Kids aren’t born knowing how to politely interact with others. It is […]

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