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Why I Celebrate Christmas

This is the time of year when the world starts looking a little brighter, and I’m not just talking about the holiday lights and sparkly ornaments. There’s more kindness. More generosity. More thinking about others. It’s almost hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Growing up, the church I was raised in […]

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If You Give a Kid a Mini Cart

If you give a kid a mini cart, she’ll probably jump for joy.While she’s jumping, her sister will knock over some bell peppers.While you pick up the bell peppers, she’ll lay on her cart and spin it.After she spins it, she’ll push it and let it go to see how far it goes.If it doesn’t […]

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A Dozen Useful Baby Shower Gifts

I, for one, love going to a baby shower. First kid or seventh, I think all pregnancies and babies should be celebrated. I know it’s fun shopping for tiny baby clothes, and I’m sure the mama-to-be appreciates any and all of the efforts to welcome new baby, but it’s always nice when a gift turns […]

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What's for Lunch?

What’s for Lunch?

The morning rush is not a fun one. Everyone scrambling for breakfast, shoes, backpacks and inevitably someone forgets to brush their teeth, amiright? It’s not the best time to discover all the fruit has gone bad and you’re out of bread. Dangit. Luckily, these lunch suggestions can be packed the night before to make the […]

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Daddy Daughter Dates

Daddy Daughter Dates

Have you heard the Trace Adkins song, “Just Fishin’”? In case you don’t love country music the way I do, it’s about a dad taking his daughter on a fishing date. The daughter is just having a good time; playing, talking, fishing- but the whole time the dad is thinking about how they are making […]

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