AMB-Mommyhood, Mornings and MoPac

Mommyhood, Mornings and MoPac

Imagine this: You’ve had the most wonderful weekend, with a great balance of running errands, spending quality time with friends and family, complete with an escape to spa-town! Sunday evening rolls around and you find yourself, on a time cliff staring down at Monday morning, imagining the drive down muddled Mopac. Oh, the butterflies in […]

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FB girls stand

Lemonade Day – Teach Your Child About Entrepreneurship

Sponsored By :: West Austin Chamber of Commerce The West Austin Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to present Lemonade Day to the city of Austin this year. This program is currently offered in 67 cities across the country and has been presented in Austin for 7 years. Haven’t heard of Lemonade Day? Lemonade Day is […]

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AMB-Girl Guide to Empowerment

Girl Guide to Empowerment, STEM & Entrepreneurialism: Camps & More!

My sister-in-law is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a large technology company. This is quite the accomplishment considering women represent only NINE PERCENT of senior IT roles such as CTO, CIO, or vice presidents of technology. We can even this out, ladies! Here are some thoughts and opportunities (camps & organizations) for our women-to-be […]

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Should You File Your Own Taxes This Year?

The dreaded yearly filing of the taxes. It is a guarantee must-do and this year the deadline falls on April 17. Somehow, my husband and I – because I’m not taking all the blame here – always put it off until the last minute. We’ve had years where we’ve hired someone to help file and […]

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I was a Crunchy Mama Fraud!

“So what would you like to do with your placenta?” my compassionate Midwife inquired. “Yeah sure I’ll keep that.” I half-heartedly returned. (I heard it was good for you and…stuff…?) “OK then! Where is your ice chest to put it in?” she wonders, glancing curiously around the delivery room devoid of anything resembling an ice […]

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