AMB-My Mom Friends dont know the real me

My Mom Friends Don’t Know The Real Me

My Mom Friends Don’t Know The Real Me I recently met up with a mom that I met on an app called Peanut. The app is billed as “Tinder for moms,” and as I never ventured into online dating it simultaneously terrifies and intrigues me. I’m not very active on it, but I logged in […]

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AMB-First Birthday Parties...Yay or Nay_

First Birthday Parties: Yay Or Nay?

First Birthday Parties: Yay or Nay? You’ve made it a year. Your little baby is moving toward toddler status and in order to survive the emotions of that reality you put every ounce of energy toward one thing: the first birthday party. What kind of a theme should little Tommy have? You know he loves […]

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Organic Tick & Flea Prevention

Organic Flea And Tick Prevention

Organic Flea And Tick Prevention Even though school is almost back in session, here in Austin, the summer months extend way past the first day of school. It’s HOT HOT HOT until just about Halloween, which means flea and tick problems continue to haunt us. Because of the warm weather, we’re still able to enjoy […]

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AMB-i cried in the shower

I Cried In The Shower Tonight….When The Dark Days Win In Special Needs Parenting

I Cried In The Shower Tonight…. When The Dark Days Win In Special Needs Parenting I cried in the shower tonight.  Now, for many of you, that’s not a big deal.  “Heck”, some of you might think, “so did I”. But for me, crying IS a big deal.  I actually cry maybe once every 12-18 […]

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August Family Events in Austin

Happy August!  Are you ready for summer to wind down and get back to school schedules?  (We are conflicted on that one. 😋) Check out all of the fun family events we found for you to end your summer with a bang! We do hope you have enjoyed your summer and you and your family have [...]
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Tiny Tails: Traveling Petting Zoo Straight To You

Sponsored By:: Tiny Tails To You Tiny Tails: Traveling Petting Zoo Straight To You Does your child love animals? Do you love animals? What if you could be surrounded by cute, cuddly animals at your next event? Thanks to Tiny Tails To You, it’s possible! Tiny Tails To You is a traveling petting zoo that […]

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I Am That Non-Toxic Mom.

I Am That “Non-Toxic” Mom.  You probably have a friend like me, or maybe you, yourself, are similar.  I’m not over-the-top obsessive about it, but if I’m going to spend money on something, I would much prefer that it does not contain sketchy ingredients that could be harmful to our health.  Unfortunately, there are so many products on the […]

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