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Where To Celebrate Bastille Day In Austin

Where To Celebrate Bastille Day In Austin Don’t pack your red, white, and blue away just yet! France’s national holiday, la fête nationale or la fête du 14-juillet, known to Americans as Bastille Day, on July 14, is a celebration of French patriotism. France doesn’t refer to their national holiday as Bastille Day because the holiday is about […]

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AMB-Two Introverts and a Baby

Two Introverts And A Baby

  Two Introverts And A Baby When my husband and I were expecting our baby, we talked a lot about how our lives were going to change. We were prepared to sleep less. We also knew we wouldn’t be able to be as spontaneous as a couple—no more going out for margaritas on a whim […]

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AMB-the myth of balance

The Myth Of Balance

The Myth Of Balance   I’m not sure I have ever had balance in my life. My Type A personality is mostly to blame for this. I’m typically an all or nothing type. If I commit to something or someone, I tend to give it my everything. 110% of me. This has been both a […]

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How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!

How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!  Curling iron. Flat iron. Wand. Instyler…the list of tools promising to get you those “bouncy curls,” goes on and on. It can be intimidating. What if I told you, that there is a tried and true (and easy!) technique to acheiveing that look, with the flat iron […]

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AMB-First I'm ME, then I'm Mama

First I’m ME, Then I’m Mama

First I’m ME, Then I’m Mama   Listen, I eat, sleep, and breathe #momlife. I’m all Mama, all day, everyday. But let’s get one thing straight, before there was “mama”, there was me… and I’m not willing to lose that.   Like many of you, I feel like being a mom is my calling. As […]

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Fourth be With you-2

How To Celebrate May The Fourth Be With You!

  I’m a reluctant Star Wars fan but my family has been celebrating the Star Wars “holiday” of May The Fourth Be With You for a while now. After years of thinking, Luke and Leia were lovers (oops) and half-way watching the movies (the original trilogy-OBVIOUSLY) while reading a magazine or playing on my phone; […]

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