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July Family Events in Austin

Happy July!! 🌞 How is your summer going?  We hope you are finding lots of fun things to do with your lovely families! đź’– There are so many ways to celebrate all things summer in this Texas heat 🔥 (indoors and out). We have listed our faves right here just for you. If we've missed any, feel free to [...]
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AMB-The Ultimate Way to-austin

The Ultimate Way to Spend a Day in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re visiting Austin or still getting acquainted, I’ve put together a short list of my very favorite spots for a day and night well-spent (guaranteed).  Here is how to spend a day in Austin: Eats & Drinks With Kids â€“ Hat Creek Burger Company You guys! This place is amazing. And they’ve got locations all […]

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AMB-I Have the Cancer Gene. So That's Cool.

I Have the Cancer Gene. So That’s Cool.

I’ve wanted a boob job…er, “Breast Augmentation”….for a long time now. It’s like, I started with zero boobs, had children, and then got negative boobs.  My husband has never been on board with the idea of it. He (sweetly, I suppose) insists, “I like you just fine the way you are!” And honestly, I’ve never […]

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2018 Summer Camp Guide

It’s hard to believe it, but summer camp registrations are already opening up for Spring & Summer 2018! We have compiled a list of several types of fun local summer camps for your kiddos…including adventure and nature camps, sports and dance camps as well as learning and leadership camps. We hope you will find a [...]
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Stay-At-Home Mom

What It’s Like To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

Beepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeep. What IS that, and please God make it stop.   It’s 5:30 am, and it’s my alarm clock, same as every morning.   It’s 5:30 am, and I hit snooze until 5:50 am, same as every morning. At 5:50, I mournfully disentangle my arm and leg from the arm and leg of…my […]

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Live Well

Live Well

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions. At least not resolutions in the sense that you normally think of… “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” “I’m going to run a marathon” “I’m going to stop smoking” That sort of a thing. I’ve always tended to be slightly less conventional in my “resolves,” and tend […]

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magical Christmas

It’s More Magical Than You Realize

The Christmases of my childhood were nothing short of magical. They were perfect, truly.   When I envision the Christmases spanning from circa 1986 through circa 1992 (that’s “circa” age 5 to “circa” age 11) I picture…Hallmark.  Or, Pottery Barn Christmas Catalogue.  Magical.   We lived in Florida for a good portion of my growing […]

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Winter Is Coming! And Virus After Virus. What Do Moms Do?

As moms, I wonder how we survive sick season. I mean we already have treasured, minimal, light sleep…So add in a sick kid or two, then what?  When kids are sick we can pretty much expect to skip several showers in a row, our hair will get sticky and tangled, deodorant…what deodorant? We have like […]

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Cohen Couldn’t Walk

Sponsored By :: Austin Regional Clinic A Network of Doctors Solved the Mystery By June D. M. Lien Elizabeth is the mother of two boys. Cohen, her youngest, is “more sickly,” she says. One incident in particular, stands out in Elizabeth’s mind: the time Cohen couldn’t walk. Now 2.5-years- old, Cohen’s medical record is so […]

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