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Must Have Beauty Products For Moms

Must Have Beauty Products For Moms Odds are when you became a mom your beauty routine severely took a hit in the time allocation department. Sometimes just showering is a win. I’ve been through my fair share of product trial and error looking for those that meet the needs of my new mom beauty routine: […]

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DIY: Reusable Food Savers

DIY: Reusable Food Savers   It’s that time of year. The kids are out of school and you have to pack the entire pantry just to go to the splash pad/pool/playground for an hour.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super tired of cleaning those small compartments in our lunch boxes, and I don’t […]

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AMB-Spooky Kid Friendly Fri 13th Movies

Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday The 13th

Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday the 13th Spilling salt. Picking up a penny on tails. Walking under a ladder. Breaking a mirror. Opening an umbrella inside the house. Having a black cat cross your path. Friday the 13th. Although most people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, the day has always been a lucky […]

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AMB-Tips for a Zero Waste Summer

5 Tips For A Zero-Waste Summer

5 Tips For A Zero-Waste Summer It’s summer! For most families this means trips to the beach, camping, exploring a new city, or enjoying a stay-cation. No matter what adventure awaits you and your family this summer, take up the challenge to be zero-waste. What is zero-waste? It means doing your very best to ensure […]

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AMB-Summer Activities to Do Around the House

Summer Activities to Do Around the House

There are so many wonderful things about summer: lounging around the pool, popping the top off a cold drink, eating ice cream until your brain freezes, visiting with friends and family, and taking evening walks or bike rides around the neighborhood. Of course, one of the best things about summer is the freedom to take […]

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Fun Friday Field Trips Around Austin

Abandoned backpacks, rising temperatures, and the endless chorus of Mom, I’m bored. Soon it will be summertime in Central Texas. We are so fortunate to live in a city with so much to see and do! Summer is easily one of my favorite times of the year in Austin because my daughter and I are […]

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AMB-It’s SUMMER! Time to get Messy and Chaotic.

It’s SUMMER! Time to get Messy and Chaotic

Welcome, summer!  We’ve made it! Whether you’re a teacher or not (and especially if you are), it’s time to take one big giant EXHALE. Go ahead and do that now… Bedtimes are later, schedules are thrown out the window, and everything just exudes good old fashion FUN. If you are a working mom or stay at home, […]

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AMB-Austin Splash pads

Awesome Austin Splash Pads You Won’t Want to Miss this Summer

It’s once again that glorious time of year, also known as Splash Pad Season! If you’ve made it through at least one Austin summer – or even early fall – then you know how hot it can be. You’ll also remember how much your little ones still wanted to be outside. The splash pad is the […]

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