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I Am That Non-Toxic Mom.

I Am That “Non-Toxic” Mom.  You probably have a friend like me, or maybe you, yourself, are similar.  I’m not over-the-top obsessive about it, but if I’m going to spend money on something, I would much prefer that it does not contain sketchy ingredients that could be harmful to our health.  Unfortunately, there are so many products on the […]

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AMB-I-Overbooked my life

I’ve Overbooked My Life

I’ve Overbooked My Life As mothers, why are we all chasing this myth of having a perfect symphony of days spent cultivating friendships, building empires at work, spending quality time with family, exercising and eating well, and sleeping like a log every night? More importantly, what is missing from this list? Spirituality? Simple downtime? As […]

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Must Have Beauty Products For Moms

Must Have Beauty Products For Moms Odds are when you became a mom your beauty routine severely took a hit in the time allocation department. Sometimes just showering is a win. I’ve been through my fair share of product trial and error looking for those that meet the needs of my new mom beauty routine: […]

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DIY: Reusable Food Savers

DIY: Reusable Food Savers   It’s that time of year. The kids are out of school and you have to pack the entire pantry just to go to the splash pad/pool/playground for an hour.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super tired of cleaning those small compartments in our lunch boxes, and I don’t […]

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How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!

How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!  Curling iron. Flat iron. Wand. Instyler…the list of tools promising to get you those “bouncy curls,” goes on and on. It can be intimidating. What if I told you, that there is a tried and true (and easy!) technique to acheiveing that look, with the flat iron […]

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AMB-First I'm ME, then I'm Mama

First I’m ME, Then I’m Mama

First I’m ME, Then I’m Mama   Listen, I eat, sleep, and breathe #momlife. I’m all Mama, all day, everyday. But let’s get one thing straight, before there was “mama”, there was me… and I’m not willing to lose that.   Like many of you, I feel like being a mom is my calling. As […]

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