AMB-Your Guide to Nailing Iphone Photography

Your Guide To Nailing iPhone Photography, From A Photographer

Your Guide To Nailing iPhone Photography, From A Photographer  Before purchasing my first DSLR this winter, I was convinced that the only thing I needed to snap gorgeous photos was my iPhone. After all, portrait mode was the most amazing new invention ever, and combined with a bunch of terrific free editing apps, why would […]

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AMB-Spooky Kid Friendly Fri 13th Movies

Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday The 13th

Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday the 13th Spilling salt. Picking up a penny on tails. Walking under a ladder. Breaking a mirror. Opening an umbrella inside the house. Having a black cat cross your path. Friday the 13th. Although most people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, the day has always been a lucky […]

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AMB-Why Old School is Still Cool

Why Old School Is Still Cool

Why Old School Is Still Cool Analog Mama In A Digital World So……I’m an 80s baby. I grew up when cassette tapes were cool, you could only rent movies at Blockbuster, and side ponytails were LIT! (I just learned that word last year. Thanks new age kids). In school, I wrote papers using Encyclopedia Britannica […]

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AMB-Life After HELLP

Life After HELLP

Life After HELLP I should still be pregnant.  The weight of that statement falls on me like an anvil.  This was not the plan.  I love being pregnant, from the sickness to the flutters to the kicks, it is the most magical thing I have ever experienced. I was thrilled when we got pregnant with […]

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AMB-the myth of balance

The Myth Of Balance

The Myth Of Balance   I’m not sure I have ever had balance in my life. My Type A personality is mostly to blame for this. I’m typically an all or nothing type. If I commit to something or someone, I tend to give it my everything. 110% of me. This has been both a […]

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Family Friendly Food In The ‘Burbs

Family Friendly Food In The ‘Burbs Round Rock Restaurants Perfect for Kids I’ll be honest and admit that my kids are not great in restaurants.  Eating out for us can be really stressful (and potentially embarrassing) if the restaurant isn’t super kid friendly.  In a nutshell, my kids are just LOUD.  They’re funny and nice […]

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AMB-Day Dates - South Austin Edition

Day Dates – South Austin edition

Day Dates- South Austin Edition  My husband and I take off one Friday a month for a day date while our daughter Amaya is in daycare. For us, it’s the perfect way to reconnect and recharge without the hassle of a babysitter and trying to wind back up to go out after a long day. […]

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AMB-20 Restaurants in Austin with Playgrounds

20 Restaurants In Austin With A Playground

20 Restaurants in Austin With a Playground 1. Hat Creek Burger Company (Burnet) 2. Hat Creek Burger Company (Westlake) 3. Hat Creek Burger Company at the Domain  4. Phil’s Ice House (South Lamar)  5. Phil’s Ice House (Burnet) 6. Phil’s Ice House (North 183) 7. Mandola’s (William Cannon) 8. Central Market (North Lamar) 9. Doc’s Backyard  10. […]

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AMB-3 Reasons Why I Still Like Pamela Druckerman’s Book Bringing Up Bébé

3 Reasons Why I Still Like Pamela Druckerman’s Book Bringing Up Bébé

Reasons Why I Still Like Pamela Druckerman’s Book: Bringing Up Bébé I only read one parenting book while pregnant with my first child and it was Pamela Druckerman’s 2012 best-selling book, Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. Druckerman writes about all-things motherhood, from pregnancy to childrearing and even the […]

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