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Do I Constantly Need to be Entertaining My Littles?

With daughters 3 ½ and 1 ½ it can turn to pandemonium VERY quickly in our house. My husband and I will lock eyes and feel the overwhelming sensation of anxiety creep up as the girls act like, well… little, energetic kids. We have one child who is REALLY busy. She seems to have an […]

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Kristi Ingram-2

About Kristi Ingram

Hi, my name is Kristi and I’m the mom of four-year-old identical twins! Sometimes, I feel like that line should be my introduction at a support group. Ok, ok, that’s not totally true. I always feel like that line should be my introduction AND my excuse – for my Goldfish-infused car seats, for the emails […]

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toddler cried

50 Very Valid Reasons My Toddler Cried Today

Wow! Let’s talk about toddlers… because I know we don’t talk about them enough 😉  But just WOW… Personally, I have one verbal toddler and one ‘baby toddler’ that doesn’t talk yet (throws tantrums but no words). What can I say my children have always been developmentally advanced when it comes to tantrums. And by […]

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We Ditched Screen Time (and it’s Awesome!)

As a young kid, I grew up playing Atari video games (Pitfall and Frogger, anyone?) with my brother nonstop. I also spent endless hours in front of the TV watching game shows and reruns of the Brady Bunch and Eight is Enough. My TV/video game usage wasn’t timed or monitored by my parents in any […]

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