How has co-sleeping worked for your family?

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    Elisa Botello
    Elisa Botello

    Why has it been working for you?

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    Yes! At first I would not let the baby co-sleep with me because I was so scared of all the risks. However, after a few weeks, we started co-sleeping and it was so much better for both of us. She got the snuggles and the milk and I got more rest. I was also less neurotic during the day when I started getting more sleep:)

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    Yes! We co-slept with Hudson u tile he was ready to transition to his own room, and now are still co-sleeping with Finn. At least once a week we have the entire family in one bed.

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    What did our ancestors do for thousands of years ?

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    My brother is in ER doctor and warned me not to let my kids sleep in the bed with us when they were infants. He saw too many cases of babies being brought to the ER that were suffocated because mom or dad rolled on top of them. Some drug/alcohol related and some not. I never felt that it was with the risk. Yes, I’m sure that is convenient when nursing so you don’t have to get out of bed, but I was a nursing mom and got up every 2-3 hours to go nurse my babies in their room. New moms are so tired. You could easily roll up against your baby and not realize. Many new moms are taking pain meds from C-Sections. Just not a good idea regardless.

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    I guess i have answered to many 911 calls with dead babies …. 15 years of answering that phone…. and hearing that mother or fathers screams….. NEVER….. and you cannot undo that mistake…. they will be dead…. You can say it is safe all you want…. whatever…. put them in a crib or bassinet beside you…..

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    Not too many dads chiming in. I’m sure the husbands would like to have their wife/lover back at some point and not have to share the bed all the time. Just a different take on it.

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    Yes! Never, ever thought this would be me but its been a lifesaver. He started in a bassinet right next to the bed because our sleeping set up wasn’t safe. About 4 months old, when I went bad to work basically, he moved to our bed. We had to get a better fitted sheet and I had to dress so I didn’t need covers but I love it! They’re only little for awhile, I’d hate to miss these cuddles.

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    Wouldn’t have it any other way! 2 yr old twins co slept since day one!

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    Love/hate relationship. I love the cuddles & knowing my guy is safe but he totally takes advantage of the open bar. I’m a light sleeper & haven’t slept in years due to 2 little ones in a row. My baby is 14 months old and nurses often throughout the night. If he slept through the night, I’d have no complaints. Sleep training is in our very near future.

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    Co sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean the baby is in bed with you, that’s called bed sharing. Co sleeping ranges from bed sharing to the baby sleeping in the same room with mom and or dad.

    And with both my girls I bed shared til about 6 months. For the next 6 months we put them in a crib right next to our bed. And after their first bday we move the crib to the other side of our room and until we feel they are ready we slowly transition them to their room. We do sleep in their room for a few days and after they are comfortable we go have our own rooms! And that works perfect for us cuz we do everything slowly and our girls don’t freak out.
    After we had our 2nd, we thought it was only fair to have both kids in the room. we have big sister in her bed and we just recently transitioned baby to her crib away from the our bed. We didn’t want big sister to start off being jealous of baby sister.

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    Lindsey Gage
    Lindsey Gage

    We didn’t set out to bedshare long-term, but now we’re 14 months in and couldn’t imagine it any other way. We did our homework and practice safe bedsharing. I’m fortunate that my husband is a proponent of us sharing the bed with our son until he’s ready to transition into his own bed/room. We all sleep well, our little guy is happy, and we still make time for husband/wife time. 🙂

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    I also Never ever thought about it. thanks for sharing.

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