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spring break

The Reality of Spring Break with Little People in Tow

We have had a rough year and were VERY excited for a little reprieve for spring break. A getaway…change of scenery… breathe in some mountain air…escape the day-to-day schedule a little bit. The funny thing is my husband and I get so excited about these trips and we EASILY forget what the reality is like […]

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Dream Big(ger) Mamas

When the “Dream Big Princess” marketing campaign launched from Disney, I thought it was brilliant. It captured my young daughter and my attention instantly. It made me CRY. I mean… well done Disney marketing team {applause}. When watching that commercial I had this pull to help my two, young daughters achieve ANYTHING their hearts desired. […]

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International Women's Day

A Blessing for You on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day First it is the stretching  You feel it in your bones Breath after breath  you make room for life  You are more than a conduit — you are celestial alchemy,  written and designed for this moment. You expand  until you are the ocean.  May you feel your depth and majesty  You carry […]

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