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Pi Day

7 Kid Friendly Pies for Pi Day

Most people remember learning about the infamous mathematical constant number Pi.  Right?  So, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. We learn to use 3.14 as Pi while working on all those geometry problems in school and did you know today is Pi Day?  Therefore why not celebrate those wonderful circular […]

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The Pre PreTeen Years: A Different Kind of Love

My daughter is almost nine years old. N-I-N-E.  She is strong, independent, funny, smart, and caring. She doesn’t need help picking out clothes, brushing her hair, reading books, or really doing much of anything. I’m not sure when it happened, but she even puts on her own band-aids. The love that I knew how to give […]

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Sarah Clover

Meet Sarah Clover

Sarah Clover Becoming a contributor for Austin Moms Blog was on my long list of personal goals for 2017.  Life happened though and got in between me and some of those ambitions. To be perfectly honest, why should this be any exception; my friends and family will tell you I’m late to nearly everything? Regardless, […]

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Allison Hall

Meet Allison Hall

“Live a Great Story.” That’s our aim. Right?! I hope to connect with you through My Story thus far or through my future blogs, which I’m very honored to start writing for Austin Moms Blog. Here’s My Story opener. I’m a person that doesn’t sit well. After leaving the Dallas burbs after high school, I […]

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