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Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders

ADHD, Autism, OCD, Anxiety, SPD, OCD, Dyslexia…
Connecting the Dots Between the Brain and Neuro-Development
Join Dr. Aaron Cain in an in-depth workshop that explores the connection between neuro-developmental disorders and the central nervous system. You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how the brain and Neuro-Development work together and a clear direction on how to help your child’s nervous system become balanced and healthy again.

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include autistic friends

Thoughtful Ways to Include Autistic Friends

Hello bluebonnets, flip flops and patio weather! It’s officially Spring in Austin! I love love love this time of year. Everything is so green and alive. This spring is a little bit different for me though. April is widely known as Autism Awareness Month (and today is World Autism Awareness Day) and this is my first […]

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Dear Mom of An Autistic Child

When people ask what it’s like to work with an autistic student I used to have a hard time putting it into words. After years of personal and professional interaction with several kids who have fallen on the spectrum, I have come up with what I think describes it best. Think rubik’s cube. Imagine being […]

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My Child Has Autism. Please Don’t Judge.

Author :: Melissa Ballard  I tried to get pregnant for 3 years with many miscarriages, hormones, and all kinds of medical procedures hoping that it would fix me. Finally, after three years of heartache and trying everything you can imagine, I was pregnant and there was a heartbeat!!! I was so excited that it was finally […]

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Does Your Child Have a Delay, Disorder, or Difficulty?

When I first got pregnant with Lincoln my brain immediately went to worry. Worry I’d have a miscarriage, worry that he wouldn’t have 10 fingers and 10 toes, worry that his test results wouldn’t come back normal, worry that he’d be stillborn… seriously, the list goes on and on and on. One of the things […]

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