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I’m a Boy Mom

I’m a boy mom. An ALL boy mom. Yup, there’s three of them…four, if you count the grown one, who contributed in the production of the other three. I’m a boy mom, an ALL boy mom, of THREE boys, and yet…I don’t know all that much about how to be a good boy mom. If you are […]

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17 Things Boy Moms Should Know

17 Things Boy Moms Should Know

BOY [boi] n. 1. a noise with dirt on it. Mamas this definition is SPOT on, and you will love this sweet little noise with dirt on it more than you ever thought you could love anything, EVER. Here are a few more things that describe what being a boy mom is like most days. […]

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I have a brother, he’s 15, stinky, snarky and perverted.  He also thinks he’s the next Troy Aikman, but that’s not what I’m blogging about today…I’m focusing in on the snarky.  I love the kid but, man…my brother is the biggest little fifteen-year-old jerk I’ve ever met. I’ll give you an example: Mom: Michael, what […]

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