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Preschool Bullying: Talking About It, Dealing With It, Avoiding It

First of all, just to be clear here, we are talking about PRESCHOOL bullying in this article. I understand that bullying is a BIG problem, and that children can suffer serious and irrevocable physical, mental, and emotional damage as a result of bullying. I am NOT talking about that type of bullying in this article. I […]

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To Mommas of Little Girls

Why are girls so mean? Having three daughters, I ask myself this question on a daily basis.  Sadly. Recently, one of my daughters experienced a “good friend” at school being quite ugly to her.  Initially, I just tried to comfort my daughter and told her to ignore this behavior.  But after several days of her […]

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Bullying: A Mother’s Story

{I love my niece, Saylor to absolute pieces! She’s such a beauty, talks your ear off, asks “why?” about everything, and genuinely loves ALL people! Last year when my sister told me about some troubles Saylor was having at school with bullying I was absolutely appalled. How could a 4 year old beautiful and confident […]

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