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15 Unsolicited Real Life Comments

Unsolicited comments from total strangers or mild acquaintances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just plain false and others are spectacularly useful. Here are fifteen unsolicited comments I’ve heard more than once. Unsolicited and… simply not true. It must kill you to be away from your child all day. Kill me? No, not […]

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10 Best Playgrounds in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Austin has a LOT of playgrounds, from your standard one-slide-and-two-swings variety to really incredible climbing, slides that tempt adults and shady seating to boot. Here are ten totally awesome playgrounds, Westlake to Georgetown, that are totally worth exploring with your small person. Bridgepoint Elementary Playground Why it is awesome: Thank you Eanes ISD for this […]

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One and Done

“Are you going to have another baby?” Guess who asked that? Not my mom. Not my mother-in-law. Not even a girlfriend. It was the teenager bagging my groceries at HEB while my toddler flirted with her. It’s an awkward question to be asked and even more awkward to answer. Whenever someone asks if/when we’re giving […]

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Austin Moms Blog | 50 Shades of Babies

50 Shades of Babies: 50 Things You Didn’t Know About Parenthood

Every baby is different. You’ll hear it at least 1000 times…this week. And sure, it’s true (if monotonous to hear). That’s why when I started writing this piece on what 50 things new parents should expect or know, I thought I would get input from a few parents. Imagine my surprise when a “few” instantly […]

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