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elf on a shelf

Return Of The Elf

Tis’ the season of Chip.  He’s our family’s Elf and he does anything but stay on a shelf.  It’s nice to have him around so that I can mention, ‘Chip is watching…’ in any unfavorable situation, and somehow smiles and proper behavior roll-out instantaneously.  And although I rather enjoy Chip when he’s here visiting (mainly […]

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The Christmas Shuffle: Managing Multiple Families During the Holidays

If you take most Christmas songs at face value, you’d think the holidays were just about home-cooked meals shared by loving, smiling family members and followed by joyful walks through the snow-covered park.  Isn’t that how everyone spends the holidays? Well, no, of course not, because we don’t live in Winter Wonderland.  We live in […]

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