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Return Of The Elf

Tis’ the season of Chip.  He’s our family’s Elf and he does anything but stay on a shelf.  It’s nice to have him around so that I can mention, ‘Chip is watching…’ in any unfavorable situation, and somehow smiles and proper behavior roll-out instantaneously.  And although I rather enjoy Chip when he’s here visiting (mainly […]

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I Love Elf on the Shelf

The weekend after Thanksgiving is busy for most families; putting up the Christmas tree, putting out Christmas decorations inside and outside the house, and really prepping for the holiday season. We do all that stuff in our household, but there is one thing that we add to the list; we bring out our Elf on the […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Elf On The Shelf

Okay let’s get real here and cross our fingers that our children never see this post…Disclaimer: I have strong negative feelings towards our Elf on the Shelf. He’s been with our family for…I don’t know, five or six years?  Too long.  But we’re ALL IN.  After that second Christmas when he returned, it was too late […]

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Santa with kids

Talking to kids about Santa

How to talk to your kids about Santa? Well, the thing is, like most mothering topics, there is no right or wrong way. Not only is it different for each family, I think it’s different with each child. You have to trust that you know your child and what works best for them. And I […]

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Elf On The Shelf-Creepy? Or a Perfect Holiday Tradition?

Today is Throwback Thursday!!! Last year we ran the blog below about the Elf on the Shelf. This year on Facebook and Instagram I’m seeing EVEN MORE little Elf’s on the shelf’s…they have unique names, they write unique messages, and they make unique messes. I’ve heard that some people find the whole elf concept creepy. […]

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Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a time full of family fun and traditions (hopefully anyway). Traditions can create so many wonderful memories for us as we grow up then as we have our own families. I hope that some of those moments created in my home stick with my children forever and get passed down to their […]

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