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My Changing Body

When I hear, “my changing body,” I think of the time right before and during puberty (think period, new breasts, etc.). However, over the past several years, I’ve noticed a change in my now 41-year old body. During my recent yearly exam, my doctor characterized this shift as a “redistribution” of weight. Common to those […]

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9 Steps to a Happier Pregnancy

9 Steps to a Happier Pregnancy Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some people love being pregnant while others would just rather NOT. And then there are people like me who fall somewhere in-between. Here are a few things I’ve picked up along the last nine months that have made for more good days than bad during my journey. […]

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1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight FAT!

Seven weeks post baby, I can truly appreciate a workout plan. I am so lucky that I have my sister close by to not only remind me that I can’t quite wear a bikini {insert sarcasm}, but also to motivate me {as if the former isn’t motivation enough} to get my butt in the gym! […]

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Supersize…the Kids?

Ashlee blogged earlier this month about parental pet peeves.  My contribution? When parents bring total crap food for school parties. I probably sound a little bit anal with that one {and my husband would totally agree}.  But let me explain with an example!  Every year, one set of parents brings lunch to celebrate their daughter’s […]

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Promoting Health and Wellness From a Young Age

As mothers all we really want in the end is to know that we have done the best things possible for our children, right?  We take them to the doctor for immunizations and to the dentist to make sure they have healthy gums and teeth.  We baby proof our homes so they don’t get hurt.  […]

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