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How To Deal With Overindulgent Grandparents

Grandparent Mode: When your child has been exposed to copious amounts of sugar, entertainment, and/or screen time at the hands of extended family. Anyone else feel like a dismissed babysitter when the grandparents show up to dote on the grandbabies? They bring shopping bags and gift bags of clothes, toys, and food I would never […]

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grandparent gifts

Great Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

It’s Christmas time again! If you’re anything like me you might be wondering what to get your parents. What do you get the people who raised you and now dote on your little tots? How do you show them some love and appreciation? I’ve talked with some friends and came up with these 8 grandparent […]

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The Christmas Shuffle: Managing Multiple Families During the Holidays

If you take most Christmas songs at face value, you’d think the holidays were just about home-cooked meals shared by loving, smiling family members and followed by joyful walks through the snow-covered park.  Isn’t that how everyone spends the holidays? Well, no, of course not, because we don’t live in Winter Wonderland.  We live in […]

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Parents vs. Grandparents?

Growing up, I lived about 45 minutes away from both sets of grandparents {they lived in the same town}. My sister and I saw our grandparents pretty frequently, and we got plenty spoiled when being there. That’s what grandparents are for, right? Well…not necessarily. My children are also very blessed to live close to their […]

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Grandparents Day

It’s almost Grandparent’s Day! How will you celebrate?

Did you know that Grandparent’s Day is THIS Sunday?!!   Jimmy Carter first declared Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978, and ever since, people have been following his lead to celebrate the impact grandparents have on their own lives. I have celebrated Grandparent’s Day for a long time – even though a lot of people […]

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Oldie but a goodie of C and her Nana

Grandparent Use and Abuse!

So, my mom got in town last night (hense the shorter than normal blog for a Friday) and the minute she walked in the door it was if I didn’t have a kid.  I was completely “off duty” as I like to say….glass of wine–check, trashy reality tv–check, dishes still dirty–check! Last time we were […]

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