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Reprioritizing My Partner

When I married my husband Michael eight years ago, we decided to have the ceremony in a Catholic Church. In order to be married in the Church we had to meet a number of requirements including pre-marital counseling. The only thing I remember from those sessions was being told that once we were married we […]

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A Guide to Getting Away With Your Man: What to Do, Where to Go, What to Talk About

  You know what I did with my husband today? I slept late. I sat outside with him at a little cafe, and had breakfast and coffee. We talked some. We laughed some. We sat in silence. Blessed silence, some. We window shopped. Then, when we were exhausted from all that hard work, we went […]

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15 Unsolicited Real Life Comments

Unsolicited comments from total strangers or mild acquaintances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just plain false and others are spectacularly useful. Here are fifteen unsolicited comments I’ve heard more than once. Unsolicited and… simply not true. It must kill you to be away from your child all day. Kill me? No, not […]

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