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A Letter to My Daughter About “Our” Separation Anxiety

Dear Beautiful Little Beast (one day you will hate me for calling you that), You were so excited getting in the car with me this morning, ready to go on another one of our mommy and me adventures together. We know how to have fun together — you and me… from music class… to play […]

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Talking to our Children About Race

Let me explain, I am not going to pretend that I understand what it feels like to be a minority, but I cannot afford NOT to try to understand. Being white and having that perspective requires I attempt to understand race relations and teach these perspectives to my children. What does a black man or woman think about […]

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Father's Day

Love Letters for Father’s Day

Dearest Chad, I will never forget our first date. Completely smitten, I gushed at you. Feeling my small world and heart open with possibility, I timidly approached the question, “Do you see yourself having children?” I will never forget your answer, “I hadn’t. You?” (Damn girl! Be cool! Be cool!)  “Ummm I am not sure. […]

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Life With a Two-Foot Copilot!

I sit on the porcelain god… No, I am not praying to the porcelain god… Now I am a proper “adult” (but are we ever really?!) of 35, so I try my best to keep the lubrications to a minimum (insert subjective measurement here). However, this is still my porcelain god. This is my meditative […]

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Love and Loss on Mother’s Day

Have you ever desired something with such intensity that you felt a constant loss each moment that dream was not realized? For years I wanted to be a mother. These are not feelings I admitted out loud. I was a firm believer in only creating goals I had control over. As I walked into my 31st and […]

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