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It’s Okay to Ask for Help

When is it okay to ask for help? Always. Just as I was “about to pop” my mom offered to come help me. I puffed out my chest and told her I didn’t want to “farm out” the caring of my daughter. (The audacity!) Then, after a grueling labor and a plummeting of hormones and energy […]

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10 ways to Minimize Stress  I Austin Moms Blog

10 Ways to Minimize Stress

When you are a parent, stress is unavoidable. Regardless how prepared you think you are BEFORE you have kids you will be stopped dead in your tracks at some point with an overwhelming feeling of “what the @#$ am I doing?” From the stress of lack of sleep with a newborn, to the stress of all […]

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Mom Hacks

15 Mom Hacks: Products That Save Time & Money

Oh Pinterest, you know how to win this mama’s heart. Let me just express my overall excitement when I find things that can make my life a little easier — mom hacks. As a mom and former teacher, resourcefulness is something that I found to be almost mandatory. We find ourselves in front of a […]

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

All of the statistics about child abuse are baffling to me… One that really stands out to me is that less than 30% of us will actually talk to our kids about child abuse. Are you a part of the statistic? Don’t be, it’s never too late. This topic is scary, there is no doubt about […]

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