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New Year, New Mom Goals

Perhaps this blog post should begin with how I wanted to do less procrastinating in 2018, and how this particular piece should have been written and posted over two weeks ago. Yep, winning on the resolution front. But in all seriousness, wouldn’t it be nice to make an obtainable resolution and then, in 365 days […]

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Live Well

Live Well

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions. At least not resolutions in the sense that you normally think of… “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” “I’m going to run a marathon” “I’m going to stop smoking” That sort of a thing. I’ve always tended to be slightly less conventional in my “resolves,” and tend […]

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The Resolution That Works

The Resolution that Works

I’ve never been able to stick to New Year’s resolutions – it always seems like the minute I make the resolution, my window of opportunity to – eat the ice cream, not work out, curse – is closing. It never feels like I’m making my life better, it always feels like I’m about to put […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 2014 and with any new year, most of us have goals set for the new year. There are a lot of popular New Year’s Resolutions that many of us share… for example, get in shape, eat more healthy, etc. Today, the Austin Moms Blog team is taking the time to share our New Year’s […]

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New Years Eve Resolutions: Husband and Wife

2011 year was a beautiful and challenging year for the Barry Family.  Beautiful: Watching our daughter, Caroline, blossom into an intelligent and spuky toddler.  Exchanging vows and becoming husband and wife. Challenging: Relocating our family to Austin.  Having to work in separate cities (Matt=Austin, Vanessa=Dallas). We’re hoping and praying that 2012 brings an end to […]

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Giveaway: Bye Bye Belly

As many of you have read, toward the end of 2011, I worked closely with CrossFit Round Rock and Bye Bye Belly to shed some pounds and body fat! I honestly feel better than ever and am LOOKING FORWARD to starting back up this week! If your New Year’s Resolution is to get into those […]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Parenting

Every year after the ball drops, an article is published that talks about the most popular New Year’s Resolutions.  Surprise! Surprise! (not really) getting back in shape is toward the top of the list followed by plans to get family finances on track.  Setting resolutions as adults is not an uncommon practice, however, setting parenting […]

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