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Giveaway: Childcare while you Pilates

Between work, family, and running around being superwomen, Austin moms do it all and deserve a little “me time” every once in a while! We think busy moms should be able to enjoy Pilates just like everyone else, so we are excited to offer babysitting during select classes! ToddPilates is the most affordable Pilates studio […]

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Girl Look At That Body, I-I-I Work Out!

I haven’t worked out in at LEAST three years. Lincoln is 2, I was pregnant for 9/10 months, and I know I wasn’t working out in the months prior to my pregnancy. That equals 3. Prior to that, I always worked out hardcore with a personal trainer for pageants. Yes, I’m a former pageant girl […]

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Morning/Afternoon Delight versus Evening Sex, Which Is Better?

When I told my husband I was writing on sex again today he rolled his eyes and said in a high pitch whiney voice, “whhhhy, our mothers read your blogs; your grandmother reads your blogs, not to mention aunts, cousins, cousin’s kids, etc!” I told him I’d start writing and see how it sounded before […]

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