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Austin Moms Blog | Ways to Talk to Your Teenager About Pregnancy Prevention

Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Teen Pregnancy Prevention

May was National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, but it’s a problem that plagues teens every day, all year long. This is a theme that attests to the truth that teen pregnancy is still worrisomely prevalent in the USA. According to the Guttmacher Institute approximately 615,000 teenage girls fall pregnant each year. Teen pregnancy is largely […]

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The Sexy Mama nursing bra by LeMystere.com

8 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Lingerie

Married? Treat yo self!…Single? Treat yo self!…Divorced? Treat yo self! The confidence you gain from wearing beautiful, flattering lingerie is an underestimated tool in any situation, not just sexual. But since this is Valentine’s season, we’ll just go ahead and start with sexual situations… 1. FOR BETTER SEX If you are a nursing mom who […]

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Morning/Afternoon Delight versus Evening Sex, Which Is Better?

When I told my husband I was writing on sex again today he rolled his eyes and said in a high pitch whiney voice, “whhhhy, our mothers read your blogs; your grandmother reads your blogs, not to mention aunts, cousins, cousin’s kids, etc!” I told him I’d start writing and see how it sounded before […]

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Work All Day–Check, Fix Dinner–Check, Be Sexy–Ugghhh

Warning: This blog is about sex.  If that bothers you, don’t read anymore. Have you ever met that couple that is constantly raving about their amazing sex life and how they can’t get enough of eachother’s nakedness?  Well, I have and let me tell you, I just can’t help but think they’re lying. Have you […]

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