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7 Ways To Love Your Middle Child Well

The dreaded “middle child syndrome”. I swear, there is something to it. I’m not saying EVERYONE who is a middle child winds up with “issues”, but I’m just sayin’…I know some crazy middle children. Crazy. (Says the know-it-all, judgemental, “first child”). Since welcoming a third child last summer, thereby promoting my former “Youngest Child” to […]

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Sometimes Motherhood Isn’t Rainbows, Butterflies, & White Sand Beaches

Sometimes Motherhood Isn’t Rainbows, Butterflies, & White Sand Beaches.  Sometimes we feel like referees. Like our whole entire days are spent stopping our kids from hurting each other. Sometimes we feel like we failed in some ways. Like all that we try to teach them didn’t quite make sense. Sometimes we feel they just don’t […]

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One and Done

“Are you going to have another baby?” Guess who asked that? Not my mom. Not my mother-in-law. Not even a girlfriend. It was the teenager bagging my groceries at HEB while my toddler flirted with her. It’s an awkward question to be asked and even more awkward to answer. Whenever someone asks if/when we’re giving […]

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The Realization that Changed My Life

– “Seriously?” – “Is this for real?” – “Can I seriously not even _________, without __________?” – “Shouldn’t I be able to just ________?” A few days ago, I realized that all of the above questions, are questions that I have been asking myself WAY too often lately. “Seriously, Toddler, you’re gonna just scream the […]

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Welcoming a 2nd Child: 10 Tips for Transitioning from 1 to 2 Kids

Now I personally have nothing on Kristen and Ashlee with their four children each {read Kristen’s post here about transitioning to four kids and Ashlee’s here about going from 2 to 3 kiddos}, but I think there is something traumatic to be said about that first transition – that one that takes you from 1 […]

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