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kids and social media

What Parents Need to Know About Social Media

I recently met with Victoria Mueller, PhD, Licensed Psychologist about the latest research on teens and social media, ideas for starting conversations with your teen about social media use and helping your teen navigate the challenges social media brings. You might see “teen” and think this doesn’t apply to your young child. Don’t wait! All […]

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kids and electronics

A Mother’s Experience Navigating Kids and Electronics

When my son Niko was 11 I had my first tween experience with kids and electronics. I allowed him to get an Instagram account using his iTouch. This was his first exposure to the social media world and we learned two lessons immediately. First, when following celebrities or sports teams, the comments under a post […]

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Social Media Mom

June 12th, 2015 I posted a chap-lipped, bags-under the eyes, selfie on Instagram of me and my 1-month-old baby and wrote the following for all the social media world to see: I told myself I wouldn’t Instagram spam with baby pictures, but someone recently told me new mothers do this as a way to document […]

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The Picture vs. The Reality_ Keeping It Real On Social Media

The Picture vs. The Reality: Keeping It Real On Social Media

Gather ’round, guys.  I’m going to cue you in on a little secret. Those pictures your friends are posting on Facebook and Instagram (and other social media outlets that I’m not cool enough to understand)?  You know…the pictures that are making you jealous/hate your life/make you think something must be wrong with you/your marriage/your house/your family? […]

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The Fear of Missing Out

I have “FOMO” or Fear Of Missing Out. The first step is admitting there’s a problem, right? I’m not quite sure if the fear of missing out on something is a trait you’re born with, develop through the years, or a problem that has come to light since social media has taken over. I do know for a fact that social media […]

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Super Mom

Are you Super Mom?  Do you want to be Super Mom? Do you know her? Why do you think so many moms feel extra pressure to be better and/or more? Two mamas that I know recently on separate occasions made comments about how they think social media {mostly Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram} makes women feel […]

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