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It’s Okay to Ask for Help

When is it okay to ask for help? Always. Just as I was “about to pop” my mom offered to come help me. I puffed out my chest and told her I didn’t want to “farm out” the caring of my daughter. (The audacity!) Then, after a grueling labor and a plummeting of hormones and energy […]

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The Realization that Changed My Life

– “Seriously?” – “Is this for real?” – “Can I seriously not even _________, without __________?” – “Shouldn’t I be able to just ________?” A few days ago, I realized that all of the above questions, are questions that I have been asking myself WAY too often lately. “Seriously, Toddler, you’re gonna just scream the […]

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At V's 1st Birthday Party (c. Pitter Patter Photos)

Austin Mommy Spotlight on Jessica!

So…week three of spotlighting our amazing mamas! You’ve heard from Vanessa and Allison and now it’s Jessica’s turn.  We’re getting close to wrapping up with our blogging mamas and we’re ready to hear from you!  E-mail [email protected] Were you “ready” to become a parent when you did?  Was it planned? I I don’t think you’re […]

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