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My Thanksgiving Traditions

I love Thanksgiving – the time together with family and the traditions and memories that we make each year. As I think about our Thanksgiving traditions now, I have to laugh a bit because ten years ago I would have never imagined doing all the things I do today. But that’s life. From getting to […]

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions Thanksgiving already gets overlooked; the retailers leap frog from Halloween to Christmas. I can say without apology that I resent it. I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. How could it not be? When you’re surrounded by all the food you want, the family you love, and the […]

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Santa with kids

Talking to kids about Santa

How to talk to your kids about Santa? Well, the thing is, like most mothering topics, there is no right or wrong way. Not only is it different for each family, I think it’s different with each child. You have to trust that you know your child and what works best for them. And I […]

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Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a time full of family fun and traditions (hopefully anyway). Traditions can create so many wonderful memories for us as we grow up then as we have our own families. I hope that some of those moments created in my home stick with my children forever and get passed down to their […]

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Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Is RUINED!!!

Starting October 1st my mood instantly changes. Fall is officially here, the holidays are fast approaching, and I get so excited about beginning our family’s own traditions rather than just living by our families traditions that were created by them. Since last year was our first holiday season in our first house as a family, […]

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