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Why Hispanic Heritage Month Should Matter

I never knew Hispanic Heritage Month existed until college tells me that it definitely doesn’t matter as much as it should in our country. Months centered on the history and culture of minority groups were designed to increase the knowledge and respect within our country. Looking around today it is easy to see that this […]

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Seven Reasons I LOVE Being a Stay at Home Mom

Hello, stay at home moms! Do you suffer from “The Grass Is Always Greener” mentality?  You know, you always find what’s wrong with everything and imagine that if circumstances were different, then life would, clearly, be better? If we lived down the street from so-and-so, our kids would frolic in the front yard and play […]

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How to Throw a Baby Shower in Austin

Racking your brain or stressing out about party favors and cookies for a baby shower? Not me. I’m doing it the Austin-way: stress-free and local. No fluff, no crafts, just simple and with a good backdrop. Time for you to throw a true Austin baby shower. Here’s how I threw this gorgeous shower on a […]

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Cancer’s Silver Lining

Today marks three years since my daughter walked out of her last radiation treatment. She was 9 years old that day and 3 weeks away from turning 10. Most of those years were spent battling a pediatric brain tumor. Most of those days, weeks, months, would blur together, but not that day. On September 23rd of […]

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