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Choosing And

Choosing AND

Every morning when I brush my daughter’s hair for school she says, “princess hair.” She pulls her hair to the side and strokes it – and I start to get a little scared. I respond with, “You know, you can be a princess with short hair and long hair? You can be a princess if […]

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Mother's Day Disappointment

Mother’s Day Disappointment

After the Mother’s Day tornado, after all the dishes and trash had been cleared, exhausted, my Mom and I sat down and we said, “That’s not what we wanted at all.” Our house had been filled with food and family and dishes and preferences and duties, lots of duties. “Can I get you anything?” “Can […]

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Making a Will

Making a Will

Sometimes, the unthinkable happens. Sometimes, tragedy strikes. Sometimes we find ourselves wishing we would have thought about “it.” Writing a will, just in case, seems morose at best – and is gut wrenching to think about – but it can protect your loved ones – and who doesn’t want to do that? My husband and […]

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The Resolution That Works

The Resolution that Works

I’ve never been able to stick to New Year’s resolutions – it always seems like the minute I make the resolution, my window of opportunity to – eat the ice cream, not work out, curse – is closing. It never feels like I’m making my life better, it always feels like I’m about to put […]

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Magic of Bedtime

The Magic of Bedtime

When 7pm comes around I start to get excited because it’s about to be bedtime and that means I can have wine, eat my food in peace and watch TV that I find amusing. I mean, I enjoy Daniel Tiger, but a woman can only take so much. At 7pm, my one hour countdown is […]

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