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Thankfulness Amidst the Pain

Sometimes there are circumstances in life that you wish you could change.   Life-altering. A mild annoyance. A cross to bear, a thorn in your side, or an event that shatters your whole world. It’s a circumstance you wish you could change…but you can’t.   In the beginning, when “the circumstance” first begins,  you hope/wish/pray […]

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What If You’re Actually Doing Just Fine?

I ran into my friend Nikki at church the other day. Nikki homeschooled her daughter for kindergarten, and then decided to enroll her in public school for first grade this year. She was telling me that though she enjoyed and cherished the year she had spent at home being her daughter’s teacher, one thing that […]

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We Need You, Older Moms

A while ago, I wrote an article titled “This Stage of Life? It’s Hard.” I wrote it because, well, it is. It received a lot of feedback… some bad, some good, some just plain weird. My favorite comments though were from the older “been there, done that” moms. The moms who remembered the stage of life […]

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THIS is Life

The other night, my family came over. Parents, 29-year-old sister and her fiancé, 20-year-old brother.  The whole crew.  I looked around at each person there, and thought, “Dang. We are a motley crew.  We’ve got one dealing with addiction. We’ve got one wading through intense depression. One just received some concerning news at the doctor. One is […]

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I’m a Boy Mom

I’m a boy mom. An ALL boy mom. Yup, there’s three of them…four, if you count the grown one, who contributed in the production of the other three. I’m a boy mom, an ALL boy mom, of THREE boys, and yet…I don’t know all that much about how to be a good boy mom. If you are […]

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