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100 Things To Do This Fall in Austin

Ahhh Fall. It just makes me want to let out a long, much-needed sigh of relief. Fall means the sweltering days of 100+ degree Central Texas heat are behind us, and what’s ahead are the crisp, fresh air moments that we wait for all summer long. Hello leggings and tunics! Here comes football and color-changing leaves. Sip apple cider […]

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Helicopter Mom

In Defense of the Helicopter Mom

Since entering the blogging world, I’ve been introduced to a term I never knew existed. The phrase is “Helicopter Mom,” and let me tell you… it ain’t pretty. She is typically painted as an over-bearing, anti-social, anxious woman who has trouble “letting go.” While my son is just under a year old, I have yet to have […]

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This Is Why We Celebrate…

There is SO much to love about July 4th. From family time to fireworks, the day is full of fun and sunshine. It’s so important to remind ourselves and our children WHY we celebrate the 4th of July. Sure the fireworks and sparklers are fun, but the reason we celebrate shouldn’t be overshadowed. If you’re […]

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

All of the statistics about child abuse are baffling to me… One that really stands out to me is that less than 30% of us will actually talk to our kids about child abuse. Are you a part of the statistic? Don’t be, it’s never too late. This topic is scary, there is no doubt about […]

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Teaching Honesty & Truth

Honesty. It seems simple, right? Just tell the truth. I’d be lying right now if I told you I’ve never told a lie. It never feels good though, does it? Once a lie leaves me lips, my soul crumbles. I get sweaty hands, I lose sleep, my stomach immediately starts to hurt. It’s written all […]

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Love is… Love

Whether or not you enjoy or despise Valentine’s Day, I think we can all agree that this overly-commercialized holiday focuses on love. Instead of focusing on the typical flowers, candy, and date nights associated with February 14, I thought it would be fulfilling this year to concentrate on what it’s really about… love. Love is […]

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