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Best Places Around Austin to Host a Unique Baby Shower

Want to throw a baby shower as unique & different as Austin itself? For all our local Mamas-to-Be (and their MILs & BFFs), here are 6 of the coolest, newest, “weirdest” –in a chic sense!– places to hold a baby shower: La Patisserie: the macarons. Better than Laduree. (I know, that’s saying a lot!) They were […]

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A Letter to My Daughter About “Our” Separation Anxiety

Dear Beautiful Little Beast (one day you will hate me for calling you that), You were so excited getting in the car with me this morning, ready to go on another one of our mommy and me adventures together. We know how to have fun together — you and me… from music class… to play […]

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5 Books That Spark Imagination in Children

In an age of screen time coming at ya from every angle, it is a sweet respite to curl up with a good book.  I feel like my daughter has a HUGE appreciation for books right now and I hope to foster that feeling for the rest of her life. Here are five books sure […]

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When Your Child Loves Your Spouse More Than You!

My daughter loves me — of this I have no doubt. Rescuing her from her forced sleep, she wakes up utterly thrilled to see me each morning. I then sit with my little love on my favorite rocker as I slowly treasure each sip of my hot morning hazelnut coffee, and like a frat boy to […]

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Seven Reasons I LOVE Being a Stay at Home Mom

Hello, stay at home moms! Do you suffer from “The Grass Is Always Greener” mentality?  You know, you always find what’s wrong with everything and imagine that if circumstances were different, then life would, clearly, be better? If we lived down the street from so-and-so, our kids would frolic in the front yard and play […]

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My Toddler and I Both Pee Our Pants!

It was a beautiful day outside. Spring was in the air. Well Spring and other less than desired Austin allergens. You see, I fear the days I pull the weather report and see the pollen counts through the roof.  And not just because I feel dreaded awful, but for a much more mortifying reason. Truth be […]

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Through Her Eyes: Confidence in our Daughters

Through Her Eyes: Confidence in our Daughters

My mother is a beautiful woman inside and out. Gorgeous, fun, smart, and kind. I remember her feeding me Chinese food anytime I was home sick from school. Can you get better than that?! She was the ultimate nurturer and advocate, and I felt completely protected by her embrace. I honestly grew up believing that she somehow had the […]

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10 Tips To GetYour Swimmer

10 Tips to Get Your Swimmer Ready for Summer

Get excited, y’all — summer is practically here! Here’s to long sunny days spent at splash pads, Barton Springs Pool and the lake! Swimming is a favorite summertime activity for littles of all ages and stages. I both adore and respect the water…I grew up on the Texas Gulf coast, am a former lifeguard and even […]

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Life With a Two-Foot Copilot!

I sit on the porcelain god… No, I am not praying to the porcelain god… Now I am a proper “adult” (but are we ever really?!) of 35, so I try my best to keep the lubrications to a minimum (insert subjective measurement here). However, this is still my porcelain god. This is my meditative […]

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