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What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman | Austin Moms Blog | Erin Ruoff | Pregnancy Tips

15 Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

I’ve heard some CRAZY things over the past 41 weeks. That’s right — 41 weeks. Some people just have no shame in asking inappropriate questions or saying inappropriate things. I sure won’t miss these: “You’re as big as a house!” Hmm… Look who’s talking. “Wow, you’re only ____ months along? You’re so big!” Thanks. “How are you […]

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Halloween Gender Reveal Idea | Boo-y of Ghoul | Austin Moms Blog

Boo-y or Ghoul?? Halloween Gender Reveal Bash!

This weekend’s Halloween gender reveal party was exhausting, nerve racking, crazy but SO worth it! Boo-y or Ghoul? Which did you guess?? I LOVED the idea of a Halloween-themed party so I had to make it fit my gender reveal. Boo-y or ghoul was the perfect fit! See my invitation below. This pregnant mama felt […]

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