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Cancer’s Silver Lining

Today marks three years since my daughter walked out of her last radiation treatment. She was 9 years old that day and 3 weeks away from turning 10. Most of those years were spent battling a pediatric brain tumor. Most of those days, weeks, months, would blur together, but not that day. On September 23rd of […]

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Dear Son, Before You Go

Dear Son, Before You Go

I realize I’m not a minority and there are other moms in my shoes but I wanted to share my experience for others who have felt this way or those who are close to this time in their life. I’m talking about an experience that no mom looks forward to: dropping a child off for […]

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Dear Mom of An Autistic Child

When people ask what it’s like to work with an autistic student I used to have a hard time putting it into words. After years of personal and professional interaction with several kids who have fallen on the spectrum, I have come up with what I think describes it best. Think rubik’s cube. Imagine being […]

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My Marriage is Broken, and I Bet Yours is Too.

My Marriage is broken, and I bet yours is too. Calm down. Let’s look at the definition of broken and dive a little deeper to help us recognize if our marriage is actually broken. Broken: adjective – a. separated into parts, damaged, shattered b. disrupted by change c. made weak d. not working properly e. […]

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