Three Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Toddler

Caroline has reached the age where she understands things she should and shouldn’t do. For the most part we speak to her in short commands and repeat EVERYTHING.  Sometimes talking to our toddler can be so frustrating because we ask her not to do something and that’s exactly what she does (throwing food on the floor is our biggest struggle) so with the help of other mom’s I’ve come up with three things you should NEVER say to your toddler.

1.) Please don’t cry:  Your toddler doesn’t understand how to shut their emotions off the way adults do and babies/toddlers cry for such an array of things that it’s hard to just ask them to shut if off when it could be pain, hunger, gas, etc.  One recommendation was to help your tot figure out why they’re crying, like if you know that they stubbed their toe and they are wailing…say “Caroline, you’re crying because you’re hurt.  I’m sorry you’re hurt but let’s try to calm down.”  Obviously don’t say this if they break a bone.

2.) Why do you keep doing this: Toddlers do what they want, when they want.  Kids also thrive on repetition so even if they’re doing something they shouldn’t like open and close a cabinet, they don’t get it.  The recommendation for category was to explain the effect of their action…Ex: Caroline, if you keep opening and closing the cabinet (explain while doing) you could hurt your finger.  Let’s do into your play room, okay?”

3.) Don’t touch this:  By telling a toddler NOT to touch something they can see, you’re just drawing attention to it and that’s the first thing they’re going to touch.  Instead, take the approach of removing untouchable objects from the room.  Out of sight, out of mind.


Do you have any others to add to the list?


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