DIY: Alternatives to an Easter Basket

DIY Easter Baskets

DIY Easter Baskets

I’ve never been fond of the pre-packaged Easter baskets sold in stores this time of year.  Sure, it’s super easy, but most are full of candy, which you are over paying for!  As a child, I loved having goodies that were picked just for me!  As a parent, I find such joy in finding the right goodies to fill my children’s baskets.  While shopping, I took a closer look at a $20 pre-made Easter Basket that was full of candy and a plastic cup. I challenged myself to create an Easter Basket for the same cost and was happy with the result. I filled it with a sand bucket, 4 shovels, a big chocolate chicken, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a toy, yo-yo, light up ring, keychain and bunny ears. The DIY basket is sure to keep your children busy doing fun activities and still enjoy some yummy sweets.  So shop around and get creative!
In our home, we bought a basket for our children on their first Easter.  We opted for a sturdy basket, the type found at Michael’s.  We use the same basket for as long as they will last. The night before Easter, our children put their empty baskets out for the Easter Bunny to fill. Having the same basket year after year definitely cuts down on the cost.  Don’t feel as through you need a basket, I have seen all kinds of containers used to hold goodies from the Easter Bunny.  Some Ideas I have found are boxes, upside down baseball caps, sand pail, bags, wooden decorative containers, small purse, tool box, galvanized buckets and so much more!
Once you have the perfect container, now comes the fun part: FILLING IT! The possibilities are endless! Start with a nice bed of easter grass, but you could use the shredded paper type, a blanket or T-shirt.
For the kids, I try to include the following:
  • Some of their favorite candy
  • Favorite snack
  • An indoor activity item, such as coloring book and new crayons, a yo-yo, DVD or CD, card game
  • An outdoor activity item, such as bubbles, sand toys, swimwear, swim toys, jump rope, Frisbee, ball
  • A gift card: Especially for the older kids, they love gift cards! Even $5 to P. Terry’s puts a smile on my son’s face!
  • Clothing & Beauty: flip flops, new hair accessory, jewelry, make-up, T-Shirt, toothbrush and toothpaste
We celebrated Easter early while my Mom was in town. We surprised her with her very own Easter basket. We filled hers with a framed picture of her grand kids, a decorative chicken (she loves chickens), Southwest gift card (she comes and visits often from California), Altoids, hair clips, handmade soap, a box of granola bars and a chocolate covered marshmallow egg.
Making your own Easter Baskets can be so much fun and rewarding. The recipient will feel loved when they realize it’s a basket tailored just for them.
What are some of your Easter basket traditions or memories?

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