Our Mother’s Day Wishes and Such…

58f6f937b5296ad630f599859cf09cefMother’s Day is Sunday….a day where all mothers everywhere should be spoiled and celebrated! Each mama on our AMB team has their own special plans and wishes, just like last year and we thought we would share them with our amazing readers. Us mamas devote everything we have to everyone else, so this weekend should be awesome for each one of us. Here is a little bit about what each of us has planned and/or wants:


Normally I would answer my wants and desires for Mother’s Day with a dinner, brunch, piece of jewelry, or some other unnecessary monetary item. This is actually only my 3rd Mother’s Day so you wouldn’t think I’d be tired of those things…and I’m not. Nonetheless, this year I’ve asked for nothing and expect nothing. Not that my husband won’t make me feel special, I’ve just told him no gifts this year. I’m coming to the realization Mother’s Day is a day for my 2 children to celebrate me, and well, they don’t understand quite yet (although I did receive an adorable floral arrangement my oldest son made for me at preschool, which is just perfect!!) This year will be low key and I only hope for lots of toddler and infant kisses from Lincoln and Townsend. And maybe a rain check on a fancy dinner for a date of my choosing 😉


Since moving into a two story house a year and a half ago, I cannot seem to get it all clean. EVER. Due to my children’s ages, we have to either be all upstairs or all downstairs, making it difficult to complete my “chores” during the day. For Mother’s Day I would absolutely LOVE to have a maid come clean my house. So I could at least say that for a few minutes…maybe an hour if we’re being generous…that this house was 100% clean “that one time.” I’m not a very clean perosn anyway, but after a while, I hit a point where it drives me crazy. I’m at that point now.


I sent Matt links to some Etsy shop things I want “from Caroline.” If he doesn’t deliver, I’ll be sad because it’s new-house decor. Other than that we are just going to brunch and I’ll probably sleep in! Also, if we can have a whine-free, not to be confused with wine-free, day, that would be a bonus, too.

Lisa D:

My wish for Mother’s Day is for my kids to get along all day with no tears, no whining and no tattling on each other. That would be the perfect Mother’s Day for me!


I am REALLY hoping for these stackable “mom” rings from James Avery…they are super cute, and I’d like two of them – one diamond and one sapphire to represent Hudson and Finn’s birth month (which, coincidentally, are also mine and Jared’s birth months – score!) That being said…I’d be just as happy with not having to cook or clean all day, and maybe head to the lake for some sun with our friends and their kiddos.


I want to spend time with my family. Having family time. No iPhones, no computers, just togetherness. Then I want to desert them all and get a pedicure!

Lisa C:

My mom is coming to town! I spent my first Mothers Day with her and I’m super-excited to spend this one with her. We’re going to make her breakfast that day and take her to dinner that night.
My gift from Todd and Lucy is a cut and color from Sam at Waterstone. I also got an unexpected Mother’s Day gift over the past weekend…a new dog, George!


I want to stay in bed until ten … with my coffee and a book in hand.


Mine’s sort of a joke but that’s because I honestly don’t want anything and my husband is notoriously bad at holidays. Here goes: The first year Lance and I were married, I received a mother’s day card from the dog. He even used an ink-pad to leave a little paw print signature. The bar was obviously set pretty high, so Harlow better have her inkpad ready. I’m definitely expecting some handprints from her. Maybe even a foot or two.


This year we are going to Houston to see the Rangers vs. Astros. The kids have no clue, so it will be fun to surprise them, plus one of mine and B’s best friend is going with us! Good food, family, and baseball = amazing weekend! A little somethin’ somethin’ from Kendra Scott certainly wouldn’t hurt either….I am seriously loving quite a few things right now.



All of the Austin Moms Blog team would like to wish each and every one of our mama readers a very Happy Mother’s Day and may your day be everything that you want it to be!



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