Worth It Wednesday: Keeping Your Body Stretch Mark Free

I wrote today’s Worth It Wednesday almost 1 year ago to the day {May 23rd to be exact}. After having just had my second baby and successfully doing so stretch mark-free, I thought I would bring this blog back out. Stretch marks are definitely hereditary to a certain extent, but I just love this cream and wanted to share…. AGAIN!

How many of our moms plan to have more babies? How many moms got stretch marks their first go around??? Yes, it’s true, growing a human inside of you causes your belly, booty, hips, thighs, breasts, and even ankles to grow at a rapid rate thus leading to stretch marks. When I became pregnant with Lincoln my sister told me about a preventative stretch mark cream. Thank goodness she told me about it, because I never would have thought about it. Starting at about 6 weeks of my pregnancy I began lathering my body with stretch mark cream. There are dozens of stretch mark creams on the market, but my sister and I both used Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream. I put this stuff all over my tummy and booty at least once a day and sometimes twice. I kept waiting for a stretch mark to appear {especially in those last couple of weeks}, but they never did. I am proud to say that my body is stretch mark free as is my sister’s body!

Now I realize that stretch marks can be attributed to genetics as well and they may just not be in our genetic makeup, but with baby #2 I won’t be taking any chances and will continue to bathe my body in Mustela. Mustela comes with a hefty price tag of $41 from stores like Nordstrom and A Pea in the Pod. I went through two containers and purchased a third that is still half full. Call me vein, but I can’t put a price on preventative care for my body, even if it is only for looks, so $120 to keep me stretch mark free is SO WORTH IT and honestly, I would have paid more for this magical cream!

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