3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Summer Style

It is officially MAY…and we all know what that means, right Austin?  Summer has begun around these parts.  Excuse me, while I shed a tear.

It’s no secret that our Austin summers can be brutal, especially for us moms. Whether you’re trying to negotiate breastfeeding in the outdoor heat or just lugging your toddlers around, summer (not to mention the humidity) can make a mess out of a momma.  I know at least for me, I feel like I’m in a constant sweat and I have to strategize my outfits for activities of the day…meaning no suffocating maxi skirts or layering shirts.  Ugh.  Please tell me I’m not the only one around here that dreads our summers???

But on the bright side, having lived here all my life, I’ve learned to navigate the oppressive heat with a few tricks.  So if you’re in my boat (hey there, take an oar), here’s 3 ways you can simplify your summer style to be the chicest momma on the block…even if there IS some visible perspiration here and there…we’re right there with ya’ sister!

Summer Style

//1.//  Eyelash extensions…need I say more.  Oh the beauty of full lashes!  I got a set from Dolce Blu about a month ago and LOVED them.  Their benefit for summer is two-fold…one, you don’t have to worry about sweaty mascara smears (because mascara becomes unnecessary)…and two, you wake up looking fabulous.  I mean, really…the term “batting your eyelashes” will become a reality for you.  As will a 5 minute morning routine, meaning more sleep for momma!  Holla!

//2.//  Midi Skirts are where it’s at right now.  Maxi skirts create dutch oven-like heat beneath, having no way to let drafts in.  Enter>>> Midi Skirts!  This below-the-knee full skirt is right on trend and extremely versatile being able to be worn with heels, booties, sandals, or even your old Converse.  I cannot express enough how every mom should own a solid midi skirt…this white one would be a great pick!

//3.//  Short hair, don’t care.  Listen, I know you’re attached to your hair.  Most women are.  But hear me out.  Pixie cuts are so in right now…and do you know what????  Your hair will grow back!  Imagine a summer of bare necks exposed to catch the breeze.  Not to mention, a pixie is pretty much the easiest thing to style, short of shaving one’s head.  If you’ve never had short hair before, take the plunge.  Just try it out this summer, and you’ll thank me!  (And if you don’t love how well it simplifies your momma style, all complaints can be directed to Austin Moms Blog HR department of Blog Hair Advice Complaints….OR, maybe you’ll decide to keep it like I did!)

So what do YOU do to keep your momma style in tact during the summer???  We’d love to know all your tricks for surviving the heat while still looking chic!


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