Sunday Spotlight: All for Play and Play for All

For today’s SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT, we are featuring Cheryl Black, mom to Cade and wife to a firefighter, this mama keeps busy with Starbucks, wine, buttered popcorn, yoga, and the Play for All Park in Round Rock. Cheryl loves writing and is definitely no newbie to blogging… we are excited she is writing for us today!

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If your kiddo is anything like my son, you are becoming a park and playscape aficionado. Lucky for us, we discovered Round Rock’s Play for All Abilities Park right around the time he got mobile. And lucky for you, I’m gonna share the full scoop.


In a Nutshell

The Play for All Abilities Park is just what the name implies – a park where all kids of all abilities can have a blast. There are wheelchair swings, playscape ramps, big slides, little slides; you name it, this park has it.

The eight areas of the park cover a wide range of outside play fun and skill development. They include what you typically think of at a park – playscapes, slides, tunnels, swings – but also some above and beyond features like a stage with instruments and a mini-village.

In a nutshell, it is AWESOME.


Good to Know

  • The entrance can sneak up on you. It is on AW Grimes Blvd., just north of Creek Ridge Blvd. on the righthand side.
  • The park is also accessible on foot or bike via the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.
  • While I say this park has it all, it is not a water play park. There is one small water table but it only seems to be filled by rainwater.
  • Unfortunately, there is limited shade at this park. You’ll enjoy it most if you avoid the 100+ parts of the day.
  • The park has many benches perfect for parents keeping an eye on their little ones. However there are only a select few picnic tables. The good news is those picnic tables are in the few shady spots.
  • Bikes, trikes and kid-powered scooters are allowed but the wheels vs feet balances is maintained as they are limited to the “streets” of the mini-village.

Mom Tips

  • One of Austin’s few Dunkin’ Donuts is less than two miles away. Just sayin’.
  • Go first thing in the morning to enjoy the wide open spaces actually being wide and open. Sunday morning are especially great.
  • Pack hand wipes as there is a very large (and very cool) sandbox your kiddo will want to play in.
  • Bring your car’s sunshade as there is no real shaded parking.



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