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Do you kids do chores? Mine sure do, it is just part of being a family, everyone has to contribute and have responsibilities. I’m not sure how many chore chart ideas I have tried, but it has been quite a few for me to finally find one that I love and works best for our family. Just as with almost anything, you can find a plethora of ideas on good ol’ Pinterest. It is key to find one that truly is functional for the parents and kids though, and that varies family to family.


My absolute favorite chore chart that I have been using for over a year is from Erin Condren. Y’all, I LOVE {and may be obsessed} with her products. I am on my second planner from her and am already picking out my 3rd ;), along with quite a few other items of hers. Seriously LOVE them! The chore chart is personalized and beyond cute, but really is the most functional one for our family that I have ever tried. Being so cute certainly doesn’t hurt how functional it is haha. The boys can all check it and keep track of it easily, I just have to help my 5 year old just a tad. I love that I can change the chores week to week if needed, even though I rarely do. The versatility is great.

My kids have a list of chores that are non-negotiable and then a list of others that can be done for money. If the non-negotiable ones are not completed each day then the next day there is no TV or any type of electronic device at all. They haven’t ever gone more than one day with out completion ;). Certain chores they all 3 must do daily and others are split and they rotate each week.

The non-negotiable chores are:

  • brushing teeth {yes, I know this shouldn’t be a chore, but I am raising all boys that at this point could care less about hygiene so I must enforce it. Don’t judge.}
  • make lunch for school
  • make bed
  • feed & water dogs
  • scoop poop
  • bring dirty clothes downstairs
  • put clean clothes away
  • put all toys away/clean room/playroom
  • take trash to big trash cans outside
  • pick up toys in the backyard

The chores they can do to earn some money are:

  • clean toilets
  • clean out our cars
  • put clean dishes away
  • take big trash cans to and from curb on trash day
  • clean baseboards
  • plus random stuff we come up with from time to time

Having 4 kiddos, a husband with a crazy work schedule, sports, tons of family activities, 3 dogs, and just plain ol life, staying organized while my boys help with the day to day chores is absolute key to my sanity {well I may not be completely sane but it sure help a heck of a lot}. I am certain their wives will thank me one day 😉

What kind of chores do your kids have, and how do you keep track???

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