5 Must-Have Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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5 Must-Have Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I have 3 kiddos under the age of 4, so life feels busy. Super busy. But, having three kids gives you some perspective, you know? And though the journey has been short, there are some things looking back that I might have done differently, had I known then what I know now. One of those things would be the things I included in my hospital bag.

Now, like most of us, I googled the snot out of what I should bring. And ladies, there is no shortage of answers. If I had listened to all of that advice, I would have been hauling in one of those giant pieces of luggage that survived the Titanic crash. As it was, the first time around my poor husband was hauling in 2 bags, a load of snacks, and one of those big old “birth balls.” We should have been wearing some ironic shirt about being in the first timer’s club.

Now, three babies later I have some sage advice. Pack light. Pack smart. Pack like you’ll only be staying somewhere 48 hours! Of all of the things I brought each time I packed a bag, here are the 5 things I wish I had known about.

  1. A good fitting, comfortable bra. Seriously, your breasts are about to get some mileage. I went into pregnancy probably wearing an ill-fitting bra. I had no idea what I was going to need afterwards. So, I shopped the vast corners of the internet to find a good bra. For anyone who has ever bought a bra, sight unseen, on the web feel free to giggle. I bought 2 different sizes, neither of which ever fit. And, at 3 in the morning were a total pain to use. My best advice to you is get fitted in person. It’s life changing.
  2. Nipple cream. Yes, the lovely nurses at the hospital will give you lanolin. I used it with my first because I didn’t know there were options. Man oh man are there options! With my second babe some lovely person gifted me some MotherLove nipple cream. Um… incredible. Not only is it not sticky, and doesn’t stain my bra, but it also made pumping nicer. Did I mention it was organic? Totally worth the luggage space!
  3. Something adorable for my little one to wear home. I totally ignored this for my first, and now wish I had gotten on the bandwagon. Those pictures are priceless, and if there was ever a time to want to have something adorable this is in the top 5! For my 3rd baby I had some incredibly soft footed PJ’s from Kissy Kissy all ready. So squishable!!
  4. The number of a good lactation consultant. For us, nursing in the hospital was easy. We had great help from the nurses on all shifts. Once I got home everything changed. It was painful, and I knew something wasn’t right. Getting help early made all the difference in the world.
  5. The right nursing pillow. I was gifted one at my baby shower, and while it was super cute it did nothing to help me get comfortable. Try lots on. Ask questions. Borrow someone’s baby… ok maybe not the last part. But, find one that makes the work of nursing easier.

I didn’t know about Special Addition until I needed help with nursing my first born. It’s nice to know there is somewhere local to not only grab some good stuff, but it’s staffed with people who really want to help.

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