Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

neighborsPumpkin Carving Safety Tips


Carving pumpkins can be a fun Halloween activity to do together as a family. From picking out pumpkins, to choosing fun faces and shapes to carve, everyone can get involved. However, hand injuries can occur much more often than you think during pumpkin carving. Knives can be difficult to control, and pumpkins can be moist and slippery, leading to unpredictable cuts and injuries. The damage of cuts can range from simply the surface of the skin, to significant injury involving muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Keep your family injury free by using these safety tips as you carve pumpkins togethers.

1-Adults should do all the carving

Adults should always be the ones that are carving pumpkins. Teenagers should have monitored supervision. Children should not carve pumpkins. You can let them help by allowing them to pick out the pattern they want on the pumpkin, and letting them draw the pattern onto the pumpkin. They can also help remove all the pulp from inside the pumpkin. This can be especially fun as they use their fingers to scrape and pull out all the mushy insides.

2-Properly prepare your carving area

Be sure that you have the proper set-up before you begin carving pumpkins. For the safest results, purchase a pumpkin carving kit. The small tools in these kits are much safer than using standard kitchen knives. Before actually begin carving the pumpkins, make sure your hands are completely dry.  You will also want to ensure the pumpkin is on a solid surface, such as a cutting board or sturdy table, before you begin carving. Use controlled cuts when using the designated carving tools. Go at a slow pace and work section by section.

3- What to do if an injury occurs

If an injury does occur, apply pressure to the wound. Be sure to thoroughly clean the wound before applying an antibiotic, and finally a bandage If the wound is bleeding profusely, and continues to do so after 15 minutes, go the emergency room for immediate assistance. Please also visit the emergency room if the wound appears to be deep, or extremely long.  

neighbors-emergency2As you prepare for Halloween, know who you can turn to for emergency care. Go by Neighbors Emergency Center today to view the award winning facilities and meet the fantastic staff of nurses and doctors. The Lakeline location is on 12701 Ranch Rd. 620 N., Austin, TX 78750, and the Mueller location is on 1801 E. 51st Street, Bldg. H, Austin, TX 78723.

There’s a reason they’re called The Best Neighbors Ever. Happy Halloween!

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