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When walking into Lone Star Pediatric Dental and Braces it is apparent that this is not your average dental office. It is a dental office created with rich comforts and amenities to give a supreme dental experience specifically for children. The Lone Star Pediatric Dental and Braces team understands the dental anxiety that many children face and are committed to making your child’s dental visit a pleasant and comfortable one. They provide the highest quality dental care for infants, children, adolescents, and minors with special needs, with care and compassion. All pediatric dental needs are provided, including cosmetic, preventative, orthodontic specialists, oral surgery, and emergency services.  Sedation Dentistry is also performed at a local hospital to create a safe and controlled environment for your children.

With the holiday season upon us it is almost an impossible challenge to steer your children away from sweets.  Now that the holiday season is officially kicking into high gear with class parties and family gatherings, Lone Star Pediatric Dental would like to offer the following tips on how to help keep your children’s smile healthy:

Be Cautious of CANDY CANES!

Hard candy is tasty and readily available during the holidays but it can crack your teeth if you bite down wrong. It may be better to let the candies dissolve to prevent chipping or other damage – but be sure to brush thoroughly after eating candy of any kind.


One Holiday food that is great for your child’s chompers is turkey. It is a great source of phosphorus and protein, both of which can help your body fight tooth decay and keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Stock their stocking well

Christmas stocking are often chockfull of sugary treats that can cause your kids to get cavities. Consider eliminating candy altogether or stick to one sweet item. Also consider giving them a cool new toothbrush as part of their holiday loot like a Spin Toothbrush or a Humble Tooth Brush that is BPA FREE for example.

Encourage kids to Carol while they clean

Optimal tooth brushing last about two minutes. So if they a hum a few versus and choruses of their favorite holiday tune while they brush they will likely brush long enough to clean up their teeth and gums.

Make the Holiday Meaningful

We often structure our Holiday events around food, but this is not good for your teeth or waistline. To take the focus off of food, set up activities like board games and card games, craft projects, or Holiday movie marathons.

The entire Lone Star Pediatric Dental and Braces team wishes you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday!


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  1. Drew August 30, 2017 at 11:25 am #

    Candy Canes are great but they can definitely wreak havoc on your teeth. Good advice to avoid them.

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