Excuses, Excuses


I struggle. Every day. With most things. I work full time as a high school English teacher and I am a mother of three very busy boys. There are a few things that I don’t purposely ignore, but they are just not on my radar on a daily basis, even if they should be.

One of the things that gets lost in the mix of life is a chance to get a good work out in. Now, don’t think that I am actively looking for this chance, because I am not. However, my metabolism has come to a screeching halt and if I don’t find time to work out it would be detrimental, to everyone around me. I have to have myself and 3 kids up and dressed and ready to walk out the door by 7 am, and then I don’t get home most days until about 5. My boys are then involved in sports in the evenings. Now, where do I fit my workouts in? EARLY morning and LATE at night. Normally, I will do early mornings because I like thinking about how I got it over with, but when my alarm goes off at 4:30 to get up to make a 5:30 session, I sometimes will make up so many excuses not to go, like “I’ll run this evening”, “I’ll do my workout video when I get home”, “I’ll go tomorrow”, “I won’t eat as much today”, “I went to bed way too late, 7 hours of sleep is not enough.” And sometimes, it works. I hit the alarm, and I roll back over for another hour of sleep. 

I also use the fact that I have 3 kids as an excuse of why I am not the svelte woman I use to be. Even though I have been able to successfully drop all the baby weight for each kid, it creeps back up. “I’m way too busy” is another excuse I give myself, yet, you can sometimes find me on the couch with a glass of wine catching up on my shows. And the house is empty. 

It doesn’t help that I am a procrastinator. I will wait until the last minute to do a lot of things, with the excuse of being too busy, or too tired.

Let’s take house cleaning for example. I hate cleaning house, but I normally do it on Sundays because it is the one day a week that isn’t full of work or ball games/wrestling meets. So, once my house is clean on Sunday I hope and pray that it stays that way most the week…nope, it doesn’t. We come in like whirlwinds on a daily basis. Cooking dinner quickly, rushing to practices, folding laundry and leaving it on the couch or in a basket.

I know I have time to do certain things, but I have a Rolodex of reasons to why I can’t get those things done: “It’s been a long day; I’ll fold the laundry tomorrow”, “I’ll load the dishwasher tomorrow morning”, ” I don’t have time to sweep right now, I’ll vacuum when I get home.” It can be endless.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t harp on me for these things, but he does call me on my b.s. sometimes and reminds me that I am not the only woman who works and has a full schedule. Sometimes I need that wake up call from him, but sometimes I just ignore his helpful suggestions and hit the snooze. 

What are some of the things you have excuses for in YOUR life? 

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