Meet Jessica Kilbane

Describe yourself in three words: Just. Winging. It.”

I’m Jess. A nature-loving, free-spirited, hippie-wannabe trying to survive out here in the ‘burbs. I daydream of days when I can sit on my back porch, watching my kiddos run barefoot chasing chickens and treating a pet goat like a golden retriever. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really adore my life. Most days, I feel like a crazy lady, trying to complete some elaborate and impossible puzzle while entertaining the tiny tyrants that run my life… but they’re pretty darn cute, so we make it work. 

The mini-humans that rule our house.

We live in Round Rock, though we proudly hail from Cleveland, Ohio. I studied psychology at Bowling Green State University, focusing heavily on child development. From there, I went on to graduate school to become a school counselor. The day after I got my master’s (2012), my hunky husband and I moved to Austin, really on a whim more than anything else. We landed in Hyde Park and spent our days cruising the streets of Austin on our bikes, six packs and tacos in hand. I realized that I needed teaching experience to be a counselor in Texas, so back to school I went. I got another degree from Texas State, this time in special education with a focus on science education. We both got jobs as teachers and enjoyed doing what-ever-the-heck-we-wanted. 

Our beautiful and romantic wedding day.

Fast forward 18 months. We eloped at the gorgeous Chapel Dulcinea and enjoyed a low-key honeymoon sipping fine wine and lounging in the Driskill. In early 2014, everything changed when sweet (and oh, so spirited) McKenna Jean was born. She is both shockingly brilliant and beautiful and makes me genuinely belly-laugh more than I ever thought a (nearly) 3 year old could. 

When Owen was born in 2016, I knew I couldn’t go back to work full-time. I have strong views on education and firm beliefs rooted in natural, organic learning and I couldn’t get past the fact that, at this age, I feel like I am their best teacher. The Pinterest-lover in me finds filling our days with Instagram-worthy crafts/activities seriously fulfilling and I’m borderline obsessed with learning about Waldorf and Montessori education.  If I had my way, we’d be splashing in puddles and serving mud pies like hotcakes until the cows came home. I’m still trying to convince my girly-girl that dirt is totally acceptable, actually encouraged, so I’ll keep you posted. 

My second little love, Owen.

As of late, we spend our days exercising with our friends each morning (thank you, FIT4MOM), discovering new parks and playgrounds, protesting nap time (more them than me), and drinking obscene amounts of La Croix and coffee (more me than them). Oh, and wine. There’s lots of wine.


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